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Woodstock Neighborhood Services

Home Owners Association (HOA) Solutions

Over the years we have worked with many HOA to increase the safety of their neighborhoods. Common services that HOA's ask for are access control for amenities complexes, surveillance cameras with DVRs to monitor entrances & common areas, automatic gates for neighborhood entry, & distributed audio for exercise and gathering areas. 

HOA Technology Services

Don't hesitate to reach out and see how we can help improve the fun, safety, and accessibility of your neighborhood. We can help increase the security of your neighborhood and help everyone feel safer at home.  

Automatic Gates

Keep your neighborhood safe with controlled gates with card readers, proximity readers, and call boxes.

Brick Walls

Surveillance cameras

Outdoor cameras are the most popular solutions for surveillance of common areas.

These cameras can be mounted discreetly and connected to a DVR where recordings can be stored for a certain amount of time or using a cloud based server.

Security Cameras

Access Control

All amenities complexes use some version of an access control system. These are placed at the pool gate, tennis & basketball courts, and even playground areas. The most popular solution is a card reader system, where each guest is required to wave/swipe their card to gain entry to a specific entry. Cards can be programmed for specific areas for each individual. 

access control

Distributed Audio

Audio systems are a great way to increase the mood of specific amenity areas. In the clubhouse people who rent the space can play music of their choice or have a DJ connect seamlessly. Speakers around the pool can be used for entertainment & special events. 

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